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It’s international Vitamin C day today! And what better way to celebrate than to talk about the role vitamin C plays in our immune system strength as we head into the cold and flu season. More than half a century of research has shown vitamin C to be a crucial player in various aspects of...

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  Using a foam roller on a regular basis has a range of benefits like; increasing blood flow to your muscles, breaking up fascial adhesions between the muscles and the skin and increased range of motion by mobilising joints and stretching muscles. On Monday 19th March at 6:30pm, we’ll be having a Foam Roller class....

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March is all about self care here at Evolving Chiropractic! Dr. Erin Ponton has put together a self care calendar for you to follow throughout March to make sure you’re staying on track with your physical and emotional health. Some of the days you’ll be doing things that you might already incorporate into your daily.

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As Chiropractors, we are increasingly seeing poor posture develop in children. There are a variety of reasons for poor posture, ranging from ipad and computer use, sitting too much, not living an active lifestyle and of course school backpacks. 60-80% of children have poorly fitted backpacks, which can lead to postural strain an